Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland

Visit Auschwitz Concentration Camps and you will never forget this place. Nazis in the Third Reich and the occupied territories built around 12,000 concentration camps. In total, over 18 million people passed through it, and 11 million were murdered in places like Auschwitz. The aim was total annihilation of Jews, Slavic, Gypsies. Nazi doctrine claimed that Aryan race was the one to dominate and was better than others. What is more, they wanted to remove people from  the lands they occupied to give it to the Germans.

Auschwitz Walls of Concentration Camps

Visit Auschwitz to have a living history lesson.

Therefore, in 1941, the Nazis began using gas chambers to kill people, and the bodies were buried in lime pits, burned on stacks or in crematoria. Every day in gas chambers were killed  thousands of people.  On others were conducted terrible medical experiences. They were infected with malaria, typhus or tuberculosis.

The largest extermination camp was Birkenau, a sub-camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp. Other camps were: Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Kulmhof, and to a lesser extent Majdanek. The Holocaust program was also implemented in ghettos and ordinary concentration camps.

Holidays in Poland- visit Auschwitz if you happen to be around

The gate of Auschwitz Death Camp

Ironic plate Arbeit Macht Frei above the gate to Auschwitz Camp. Those who once entered this place, almost never left it alive.

We realize that it’s difficult to see soviet gulags which are located in periphery. But concentration camps in Krakow suburbs in Poland are basically located in the middle of Europe. If you want to visit Auschwitz Concentration Camps just visit Krakow, former capital of Poland, headquarter of kings. You can book a tour to Auschwitz, it’s just around 40 kilometers from Krakow.

We choose number one transport company Krakow Direct and we were 100% satisfied with this service. Brand new car took us from the hotel and safely hand us over to the guide who is working for concentration camps. It was really moving trip for us, since we are studying subject of death camps since years. Let this museum remind people where hater, indoctrination leads to. Let’s hope this will never happen again.